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To all of you for making us smile from the heart... God bless you always,- The Roman Family

You guys are unbelievable! You will never know how much you blessed us with the pictures.It couldn't have come at a better time. It's been a tough four or five months for all four of us, sothis was a wonderful pick me up. This was something that truly came from your hearts and it willnot be forgotten. Thank you again and God bless.Tim, Sue Matt and Courtney

You have captured and bought to life my inner most beauty, a glimpse of my spirit and soul.When I am broken, lost, feeling ugly and the whole world seems to be upon my shoulders,I can take the time to look over this gift and know that my heart will be lifted and encouraged to go on, to continue and to be passionate about life once again.

Marie and Michelle, Than you so much for photographing our wedding. We had a fantastic time with you guys. Our day could not have been more perfect. We can't wait to see the photos! -Michela and Michael

Thank you Marie and Michelle for all of the beautiful faces of my family and memories you have captured for me! I love the way your personalities and playfulness comes out in the work you do! -Susana

I can't tell you what how much this expirence has meant to me. When I came into your studioI told Marie, I hate the way I look I never like myself in pictures and I just want a picture of my husband and kids. Thank you for not listening to me.Michelle, you said you wanted us to have pictures that make us smile and these DO!This is one of the most precious gifts that we have ever received. Thank you ladies with my deepest gratitude,Sharon

I feel extremely comfortable and loved everytime I'm in the studio. Thank you for always allowing me that extra time. It also gives us a chance to catch up too. I simply have fun when I 'm there and love it! Thanks, -Heather

Hi Sisters! i just wanted to say it was a REAL pleasure being shot by you girls today! I just love laughing, I didn't want to leave! -Nicole and Adam

We are so grateful for your friendship and the beautiful photos you have blessed us with.These will be treasured for years and years.Keep!Thank you for everything you have done for us...We love you.Lady Bug and Twinkle Toes

Picture this is Amaazazing! From the moment I walked in to when I walked out I felt right at home. They truely captured who I really am. -Andrew

This was just such a positive experience. The shoot was so much fun and the photos are amazing! Even the part that I thought would be difficult; the choosing and buying was fun and easy! Everyone is truely talented! Thanks so much! -Angela